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benefits of dental implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Reduced bone loss – if you lose a tooth, you will be left with a hole where your tooth root used to be and the bone around this area will slowly begin to disappear. This may change the shape of your jaw and can make you look older. A dental implant can stimulate bone growth, preventing loss of valuable bone structure. Bone loss can be a problem for people who have dentures as the shape of the jaw can slowly change and the dentures need to be adjusted or re-made to fit the new shape of the jaw.
  • Improved function – Once dental implants are fully integrated into your jaw they function just as well as your own natural teeth and you can eat the foods you want and speak with complete confidence.
  • Improved dental hygiene – Unlike bridges and dentures, which require special cleaning instructions, dental implants just need regular brushing, flossing and dental hygiene appointments just like your natural teeth.
  • Kinder to your natural teeth – When replacing missing teeth with dental bridges, the teeth adjacent to the gap need to be prepared and healthy tooth structure is removed to accommodate a crown or bridge.
    By replacing lost teeth with an implant, no support is required by the adjacent teeth, and hence your natural teeth do not need to be prepared or altered in any way.
  • You look better – a dental implant should be indistinguishable from your surrounding natural teeth. Dentures can come loose and look un-natural if they do not blend with your gums and some bridges and dentures have unsightly metal clasps to hold them in place. Dental implants provide a much better cosmetic and functional result.

At Huntingdon Dental Care, Dr Riz Syed is our oral implant surgeon

Dr. Riz Syed

Riz Syed

Dr Syed qualified in 1999 at the Royal London Hospital after which he worked in the Oral Maxillo-Facial surgical department. Following this, he worked in numerous specialist surgical practices for a number of years.

Since then he has successfully completed extensive post graduate studies in both implant and restorative dentistry and completed a masters certificate from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

He has trained extensively in both America and Europe in advanced soft and hard tissue management and has completed an advanced training course in oral plastic surgery in Dallas, Texas.

He has help establish numerous referral surgeries. His practice also includes sinus grafting, surgical crown lengthening and hard and soft tissue grafting.

Dr. Syed lectures both nationally and internationally on all aspects of implant dentistry including hard and soft tissue management and Nobel guide and offers further training on his one year London implant course. He is also a visiting surgeon to numerous surgeries across the uk and has placed over a thousand implants.

As a mentor for Nobel Biocare, he has helped to train many implant surgeons across the UK and is regularly consulted for treatment planning complex cases. He is also one of the lead surgeons in the UK offering immediate same day teeth (All–on–four).

Dr Syed is a member of:

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