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Welcome to Huntingdon Dental Care

Huntingdon Dental Care is an independent dental practice in Cambridgeshire where patients can benefit from a high standard of dental treatment in a warm and welcoming environment.

We believe that the people who look after you make all the difference to your experience and our philosophy is to treat our patients as we would like to be treated.

At Huntingdon Dental Care we offer an extensive range of dental treatments from general and preventative to advanced specialist care and facial aesthetics, whilst being a referral clinic for dental implants.

Whether you’re looking for a routine check-up, a hygiene clean, have missing teeth or have always wanted a complete smile makeover, we can help you!

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    What our patients say

    • Broken tooth stump remaining

      Broken tooth . Emergency appointment next day. Dentist said broker stump and root needed needed to be removed option of on spot extractions or another appointment . On spot extraction quick and painless . Super dentistThank you very much.

      Maggie Harris
    • Dental treatment

      I had an appointment with the dentist today and the appointment was on time, l have been with this dentist since he took over the dental practice.He is always polite ,respectful and interested in you as a person, asking about my children as he used to treat them, before they had to leave the practice due to their new location of residence.

      This dentist takes time to answer any questions put to him and is very considerate of my condition and some of the symptoms it can present.

      The rest of the staff from the receptionist to the dental nurses and hygenest are all polite and a pleasure to talk to and will do their best to get you an appointment that works for you.

      I can’t recommend more highly.

      Michele Leivers
    • A much needed visit to the dentist after a 10 year gap

      I am a man of 47 years and had not visited a dentist for 10 years. I started to suffer with pain in my back teeth or what was left of them and it got steadily worse. Previously to this I had suffered in the past but it had gone away. Not this time!! I searched on the web for an NHS dentist locally as I had previously gone to a private practice and knew it would cost me dearly. The web search came up with the Huntingdon practice and stated they were accepting new patients. I made the call and was surprised to get an appointment very quickly. My first impression from the phone call was how accommodating they sounded and how they really understood my plight. I explained my absenteeism from dental care and they did not judge me in the slightest moreso were genuinely concerned for my situation. I arrived early and was seen on time. After a very thorough examination my wonderful new dentist explained the proposed course of action. Two days later I was back in the chair but due to the bad infection I had she was unable to remove the offending teeth. She did however do a fabulous repair to my front teeth and put me on a course of antibiotics. I am now only a week hence and am writing this review still slightly numb but free of a molar and a wisdom tooth. The care and professionalism at this practice is second to none and I would highly recommend these superb people to everyone.

    • Outstanding hygienist treatment.

      I have used HDC for the very effective and professional service given by their hygienist. I would say that the service provided by the hygienist at this practise goes well beyond and above any other practice I have visited. From full dental knowledge (more than the dentist’s in my opinion) to complete thorough and outstanding hygiene care I have complete confidence in all of her work and the result of each appointment is most satisfying. I am not ordinarily motivated to compile a review, but feel compelled to submit this review because it really is a rare occurrence to find such an outstanding and professional service. I would highly recommend this dental practice for their hygienist’s competence.

    • In 2009 I had a tooth elbowed out playing football. Until this year I have had two operations with new caps fitted which have been marvellous but unfortunately a few weeks ago my cap finally broke thus, the whole tooth had to be removed, making it near impossible to ever receive female attention or a job interview indefinitely.

      As soon as it came out in Costa as I was eating my lunch on my Friday off work, I drove ferociously to the dentist in a panic. At 4pm luckily the kind lady receiptionist advised me there was a cancellation and I had to wait half an hour. This was great I got seen to within half hour with no appointment!

      The doctor who rescued my mouth from the jaws of ‘never getting a job interview or girlfriend again’ back in 2014, took moulds instantly along with the help of another fellow dentist and assistants. I had to go the weekend walking around Tesco hoping I wouldn’t bump into anyone (I bumped into everyone) and trying not to smile at the neighbours kids as I scare them to death.

      By Monday morning I had my brand new denture fitted, a perfect colour match and fit. So good I don’t even notice it’s in. It makes me confident to smile again, a nice shade of white and all fairly straight. Now to save my pennies for the implant which in future will be done here because the service and level of care is outstanding.

      To me, losing a tooth is horrendous in any circumstance. The team fixed me over the course of a weekend, to ensure I could carry on my life with no interruptions (or people laughing!). I cannot thank them enough for their hard work and dedication. I have been going to Huntingdon Dental Surgery for all of my life (when it was called Moffett’s) and have never once received bad treatment or had any bad experiences.

      Keep up the tremendous work, it does not go unnoticed.

      Alex Donnellan
    • Absolutely brilliant !!!! ……. I have not been to see a dentist for many many years and was absolutely petrified but the care and understsnding of my fear was paramount i had 4 visits of treatment and was made to feel totally at ease by all members of staff especially Dr Zofiah Ali she was totally amazing and I now no longer have fear of the dentist …..Thank you all so much for your care and professionalism. I cannot recommend this practice enough

      Janet Smith
    • This dental practice is simply superb. Their attention to detail and patient care is second to none. I felt like the most important person to them during a month of treatment. The staff are friendly and very professional. Highly recommend them to anyone

      Brian Croft
    • I was lucky enough to receive services from quite a few members of staff at the clinic: Dr. Baker, Dr. Arwa, their assistants, the hygienist, ladies at reception……. and I have to say What an amazing service and people! Ladies at the reception are very polite and extremely helpful. They truly go out of their way to help customers. The doctors are so very nice and caring, very competent, they talk you through every step of the process. I would definitely recommend this clinic.

      Viktoriya Makeeva
    • I hadn’t been to the dentist in years, I was so worried about what I was going to hear that I almost didn’t go.

      Upon entering, the reception staff were friendly and helpful, my appointment started on time and I felt like they took into account the fact I was worried about my dental hygiene and reassured me there was no long term damage and recommended a cleaning after one filling and managed to fit me in after the filling was done. Well the great care carried on in the hygienist’s appointment. Very thorough, and I honestly have not seen my teeth looking like this in years.

      Wonderful, kind caring staff, Cannot recommend enough.

      Stu F
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